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(4 pi | brown)

story of the year [24 Jun 2005|08:52am]
[ mood | my glands hurt ]

do any of my fine emo friends have the page avenue story of the year CD? I was listening to a few songs the other day in hollister and its pretty darn good. if someone can transfer them over to me over aim or email, i;d love it! thanks!


[19 Jun 2005|09:18pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

What you gon’ do with all that junk?
All that junk inside your trunk?
I’ma get, get, get, get, you drunk,
Get you love drunk off my hump.
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps. (Check it out)

I drive these scrubbers crazy,
I do it on the daily,
They treat me really nicely,
They buy me all these ice-ys.
Dolce & Gabbana,
Fendi and then Donna
Karen, they be sharin’
All their money got me wearin’
Fly gearrr but I ain’t askin,
They say they love my ass ‘n,
Se7en Jeans, True Religion,
I say no, but they keep givin’
So I keep on takin’
And no I ain’t fakin’
We can keep on datin’
I keep on demonstrating.

My love, my love, my love, my love
You love my lady lumps,
My hump, my hump, my hump,
My humps they got u,
She’s got me spending.
(Oh) Spendin’ all your money on me and spending time on me.
She’s got me spendin’.
(Oh) Spendin’ all your money on me, on me, on me

What you gon’ do with all that junk?
All that junk inside that trunk?
I’ma get, get, get, get, you drunk,
Get you love drunk off my hump.
What u gon’ do with all that ass?
All that ass inside them jeans?
I’m a make, make, make, make you scream
Make u scream, make you scream.
Cos of my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump.
My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely lady lumps. (Check it out)

I met a girl down at the disco.
She said hey, hey, hey yea let’s go.
I could be your baby, you can be my honey
Lets spend time not money.
I mix your milk wit my cocoa puff,
Milky, milky cocoa,
Mix your milk with my cocoa puff, milky, milky riiiiiiight.

They say I’m really sexy,
The boys they wanna sex me.
They always standing next to me,
Always dancing next to me,
Tryin’ a feel my hump, hump.
Lookin’ at my lump, lump.
U can look but you can’t touch it,
If u touch it I’ma start some drama,
You don’t want no drama,
No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama
So don’t pull on my hand boy,
You ain’t my man, boy,
I’m just tryn’a dance boy,
And move my hump.

My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump.
My lovely lady lumps x3
In the back and in the front.
My lovin’ got u,
She’s got me spendin’.
(Oh) Spendin’ all your money on me and spending time on me.
She’s got me spendin’.
(Oh) Spendin’ all your money on me, on me, on me.

What you gon’ do with all that junk?
All that junk inside that trunk?
I’ma get, get, get, get you drunk,
Get you love drunk off my hump.
What you gon’ do with all that ass?
All that ass inside them jeans?
I’ma make, make, make, make you scream
Make you scream, make you scream.
What you gon do with all that junk?
All that junk inside that trunk?
I’ma get, get, get, get you drunk,
Get you love drunk off this hump.
What you gon’ do wit all that breast?
All that breast inside that shirt?
I’ma make, make, make, make you work
Make you work, work, make you work.
She’s got me spendin’.
Spendin all your money on me and spendin’ time on me
She’s got me spendin’.
Spendin’ all your money on me, on me, on me.

(2 pi | brown)

you know you're a receptionist when... [17 Jun 2005|05:51pm]
... every time you make a phone call at home, you're instinct is to dial "9."

(4 pi | brown)

quote of the day so far [07 Jun 2005|09:46am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

"i hate guys, they're so dramatic.....why cant i just have sex with them and then not have them talk to me? that would be ideal. i dont want to talk to them."

(5 pi | brown)

head like a hole [03 May 2005|03:51pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

first off coachella was amazing. perma lusting after all the hot men all day long. man o man. what's a girl to do? anyway, i have tons of great pics (plus pics of the new kitty named tigger!) that i'll post when i get home from work.

also last night i was tired of my messy friends list and deleted a bunch of people the other day. basically people who never ever update, arent funny, or i met once and never talked to again and they dont update. so if i cut you and you actually read i'll add you back if you want.

(1 pi | brown)

rainy day [27 Oct 2004|01:24am]
[ mood | content ]

pheurton skeurto is a really great song to listen to in this weather.

thank god that midterm crap is over. now i just have to do the anthro take home midterm (which is harder than you think) and im home free until paper time. and french crap, but im done stressing about that. forget it!

me & conrad are going out to dinner friday night; very much looking forward to it. where should we go? in sb/goleta of course.

funny aim convo of the day:

heather: well, i think most people dating in college like that IS like high school
heather: but with less parents and more alcohol

(41 pi | brown)

new lj! [19 Oct 2004|03:23am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

new lj for my real friends. this is not rash. do i have any real friends? if you will really comment every once in a while, really read it, and not read it and say to yourself, what a silly irrational girl. bc if you knew me at all, you'd know thats not true.

any takers? i wont be insulted if you dont comment. comment within a week. if i think you would like to be included but dont check lj that often, i will contact you.

that is all.

and it really makes me sad when people think so little of me.

(4 pi | brown)

i haven't thought of you lately at all [12 Oct 2004|06:51am]
[ mood | cold ]

so i lied....i dont have to work at 6 today, but 730. oh my heavens. its still early.

last night i had a horrible conversation.

THIS IS TOO FREAKING EARLY. and right after my shift i have to go home and change and go to class. did i mention i get to ride my bike to work? in a skirt?

at least this starbucks doesnt open until 630 at the earliest, so the earliest i will ever have to go to work is 6 instead of truly ungodly hour of 445.

peace out

(9 pi | brown)

[08 Oct 2004|04:10pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

after a day of studying and quiz taking, off to san diego with conradical, to visit magnum, p.i.!!!!!

who are these fools?

oh well who cares, we'll be drunk the whole time anyway!

(1 pi | brown)

she packed a second set of tanks, and all i ever want or need [06 Oct 2004|05:02pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

we're two points collapsing
supercharged from the storm
sun drenched in our faces, too deformed
bliss with intent to see us
peeling locust skins from the locust tree
hang on to these places she says to me
clearly in this afternoon
clearly we will have to turn and come home soon
she fell into me a point collapsing
with her loving face in the snow
the mission could be corrupted
and we wouldn't know (and we wouldn't know)
my baby reaches for the sound
i've got my feet against the ground
my baby reaches for the sound
i'll take you anywhere you want
loving me more as you see us
peeling locust skins from the locust trees
hang on to their faces she screams to me
clearly in this afternoon
clearly we will have to turn and come home soon

(2 pi | brown)

announcement! [06 Oct 2004|01:35pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

i've been toying with screen names for a while now, and i've always had tigerlilyrocker, but i finally found one i like and this is the one im going to be using:


you may have noticed that tigerlilyrocker is never online, well, thats because i was using this one. so there you go! if i go online and i dont im you, dont be hurt. im just usually doing something else. i still like you :)

and yes, its alkaline trio. the best lyric ever, thrown in with some hxc.

(1 pi | brown)

burn, how i burn for you! [29 Sep 2004|04:28pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

every time i listen to this silly band, it makes me want to swing my hips one way and my arms the other way, maybe do the twist, i dont know why. is that retarded?

so my headache has been threatening to come back all day, but im keeing it at a minimum by heavily medicating myself. my nausea hasnt really improved- amy made me eat soup, i ate like half of it. and im STILL FREAKING STARVING!!!! but the smell of food makes me wanna hurl. that is not a good combination of circumstance.

i am mega jealous of richard, for he gets to go see deftones tonight! lucky ducky.

today i got so frustrated with my hair i almost cut it off. haha, no joke! so people, should i cut it or should i let it grow a little more?

if i cut it:

-it will be healthier, b/c right now its dead and tangles sooo easily b/c its so damaged. it reminds me of barbie hair.
-i can straighten my hair. b/c i hate doing that to it when its this long, its so thick that its hard to do and mega time consuming.

if i dont cut it:
- i can leave it curly. when its shorter, i cannot, my hair doesnt start curling until an inch or two away from the root near my crown. it is too short and looks silly, half straight, half curly.

and i have another hair predicament:

what the fuck am i going to do with this color???? i like my accidental color, and now that the purple has fallen from my roots, i actually have some dark ones, and that will not be okay for much longer. i cant really afford to go get it colored, but i suppose if i just went to get my roots done, have the colorist get it as close to my current accidental color as possible, that might be doable.

its always better on holiday!
so much better on holiday!
thats why we only work when we need the money!

(3 pi | brown)

[29 Sep 2004|08:39am]
[ mood | sick ]

i am siiiick. it started out as a sinus headache, then combined with a tension one, and then i got nauseous. so basically yesterday i ate a bowl of smart start and had boba, and i have still not eaten anything else! and im fucking hungry!

last night i hit the hay after real world and laguna beach (which is not that great, except that they threw their black and white party at the surf and sand, which is the most beautiful hotel ever, and i wish i could go back!)

tried to watch resevoir dogs with laura, marie and travis but i felt too ill. went to bed at 1115, woke up 10 minutes ago. i feel slightly better, but not good enough to eat.

my phone is on silent so it wouldnt wake me up last night and now i cant find it! crappy.

dan is speaking to me again, but im not sure if that just means more drama. an in depth explanation later.

well i have to go shower, but i'll update more later. because there is so much more to update!

(13 pi | brown)

oh well.... [28 Sep 2004|04:10pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

if any man ever tells me again,

"i would never lie to you. i am an honest person. that thing you're worrying a out? its your fault, because you know what i tell you is the truth,"

i will laugh in their face. for a very long time. i cant believe i was so naive. okay. time out. new game. become friends.

alicia is over. all hell broke loose, and now we are going to go get boba.

(9 pi | brown)

stories from FT [23 Sep 2004|02:08pm]
[ mood | poop-licious ]

Rybuddy5: school can go eat some microwaved poop
Auto response from yrxlilxnightmare: school. its GRAND!

oh, the things that are amusing to us in this little town.

(11 pi | brown)

isla vista [21 Sep 2004|01:58am]
[ mood | full ]

i have to go to bed so i'll try to make this quick:

-inland invasion was cool as heck. seeing siouxsie, one of My Music Icons was mindblowing.

-finally got to witness the ex- now-current girlfriend with my own two eyes. she has a bad haircut and is not cute. oh well! hope he's happy i guess. plus hes too skinny. ive decided.

***EDIT: most of you (probably 95%) dont know this person. i know there are people out there that might have been pissed b/c you thought i was talking about someone else, but chill, thats not who it is.***

-moved almost all of my stuff out of my moms and into the apartment, me & amys room is not put together yet at all. ick. we have a million things to do tomorrow. ick ick.


unpacked the car. chilled with the girls. went to see sky captain and the world of tomorrow with amy, christine, robert, brett, tony, and their suitemates duke and noah. noah is from t.o. but went to loyola. he is quiet but we are going to get him to open up! i like noah. he shows promise. ate dinner. went to freebirds to see my (homeless) husband. chilled at the boys place in san raf. played guess whos bathroom cubby is whos! watched the real world. picked on tony. talked with amy.

now, people come visit me nefore the novelty of alie leaving has worn off.


(2 pi | brown)

i know i wont be leaving here with you [18 Sep 2004|09:28am]
[ mood | cold ]

leaving asap, just waiting for jay, and we're going to inland invasion. i am stoked!!!! this is awesome. the first band we're going to see is death cab at 1:20, then we will catch everything else. aaaaah sooo excited.


my baby amy moves in today! yay! monday in sb for me, for sure, since i work tomorrow.

(4 pi | brown)

so basically it is a family of idiots!!! [07 Sep 2004|12:46am]
[ mood | amused ]

ppppleeeease read this, i promise its really funny!!!!!

let me share some favorite family moments from the at home with the Bush family in Texas article in people:

So when your dad is on TV and American Idol or something like that is on, do you always watch your dad, or do you change the channel?

Well, we're not really into American Idol.

What do you watch?
President Bush
[joking]: Jeopardy!
Jenna: No, The O.C. I hate to say it.

Okay, so is it the O.C. season finale or your dad's big speech?
Dad's big speech. I mean, if it's a really big one or State of the Union.
Barbara: We can TiVo The O.C.

my take:

and the man himself:

Sir, has being the daughters of a President changed Barbara and Jenna in any way?

President Bush:
You know, I don't know. I don't have anything to compare to.

my two cents:

(20 pi | brown)

[24 Aug 2004|12:31am]
wow, long time no see, lj. im safely installed at my mother's house...for the time being. not all my stuff is moved, but that will happen slowly over next week i guess, b/c people bail on me. whatever.

i need to go through all the boxes i brought home from sb and root out all the stuff i want to take to sb and what i want to leave here. not sure where im going to leave it, though.

oh- you heard me right, im moving back to sb. yeah. to make a long story short, my grandparents wanted me to go back soo bad that they told me i could drop my moorpark classes and they will pay for them and they will cosign on my car loan when i decide to get a new one, if i go back. this is not a quick decision, nor does it have to do with people or the state of relationships. it has to do with a personal issue i have been grappling with for my whole life. after a rather harsh encounter at heathers, i realized, i have no fucking home. wow. my mothers house is not my home. heathers in not my home. my grandmas is not my home. the only way i can ever begin to feel happy is to have a home. and its too expenseive for me to have one here, and i can take out loans ( ! :( ) to live in sb, so to sb i go. thats the short version, of course, but thats all you need to know.

my heart hurts for a million different reasons. i have been spending alot of time alone, rethinking things. i have made bad decisons. i have made hard decisions. i have made good decisions. or maybe i just have heartburn, i dont know.

talked to dan for the first time, civilly, in a while. he is in vegas right now, with brian and barbara, not only tagging along as the third wheel but trying to get some booty. ooo kay. hope he comes bakc with some money so he can pay for my glasses. :o

worked with bill & abel tonight. my faves! bill and i are going hiking before i leave for school. although i will be home on weekends like before to work, its to work and we both work, so its like, a guaranteed window to hang out. cool. he thinks my scare- off- men tactics are amusing.

what if i spend my life looking for that one person, and that one person and i want to spend the rest of our life together, and then he doesnt want to get married? like, doesnt believe in it. bill says that he hates the idea, and its not to be unconventional, just he goes to weddings and he is like these are lame, why would i want all my friends ans family to make a big fuss over nothing? all i have to do is tell them we're going ot be together, and then its done. well he said more than that, but thats the gist. legal complications aside. he also says that the person he eventually wants to be...not married to will probably feel the same way, b/c how could he feel that he wanted to not marry her if they didnt see eye to eye on those issues? i told him he might change his mind when he falls in love with the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with and have his children. he says i might feel differently, too. but i still <3 weddings. im starting a fund. its a secret.

abel says its funny to hear people talk about marriage that arent married. i like hearing about him & courtney alot.

went to lunch with marianne, her boyfriend and his son matthew. he is boring, goes to northern university of idaho or something and has a labret and guaged ears.


musicians. oh, boy. [16 Aug 2004|11:57pm]
today at work, joeri slipped me a note:

hi miss, life is a game where nothing is real, only you, only me. be good.

then i talked to bill and abel about Life. consensus- it sucks. oh and dont take yourself too seriously. chill out.

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